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Sonnet: On Courtly Love
August 12, 2015, 15:00
Filed under: Poetry

I would not glorify it by the name

Of love, nor would I with those poets stand,

Who’ve given it such undeserving fame,

And sung its praises all throughout the land.

They, saying that its passion is in truth

True love, deserving everyone’s devote,

Did thus deceive impressionable youth

Who chose on ones unknown to them to dote.

Though Shakespeare with his talent gave it worth,

And Dante lived it, both of them were fools,

To speak of it as real as stony earth,

For such quick passion just as quickly cools.

I think that ‘courtly love’ is no more true

Than cake is stone, or planet Venus blue.

SpaceX Haiku
May 28, 2014, 13:14
Filed under: Poetry, Space stuff

Here are some haiku about commercial space transportation company SpaceX. The subject of each is something to do with SpaceX, such as a rocket or spacecraft.


Falcon 9:

Sleek, thin and white

Exhaling flame, it rises up

And pierces the sky


Falcon 1:

The first tech demo

A few hundred kilograms

Into Earth orbit



Launched on a rocket

The smallest of supply ships

For the ISS


Elon Musk:

South African-born

The head of two companies

He’s the CEO