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We Are All Baby Factories… and We Can Be More
December 7, 2015, 20:10
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Consider this: All human life, at its simplest, revolves around one goal: To make more humans who can then repeat the process to achieve the same goal. Everything else is simply added on.

This has more implications. It means that every romance story ever written, every love song, every love poem, everyone who ever wasted away  or made grave mistakes or achieved great things for love, is a side effect of this process.


However, as a simple look around you will demonstrate, there is more to human life, and to humanity, than that.

Each of us, as a conscious being, has- in addition to the simple need to make life, and the basic needs of existence- likes, dislikes, aesthetics, creativity, animosity, generosity, pride, ambition, and a simple need to be entertained. If these, and other qualities too numerous to name, are allowed to flourish, then we can achieve great things and small things, good things and bad things, and everything in between.



A device for helping society to cope with the essential fact that we are humans, and thus, baby factories.


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