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Secret Box
November 16, 2015, 21:35
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On October 25, I found a small box made of Legos under a radiator.


This box had been there for over four years. According to a slip of paper stored inside, I made and closed the box on April 7, 2011. Some time after that, I moved it from my radiator to my parents’, where it stayed until this October.


The box and its contents.

Inside the box were these items:

Clockwise from upper left: The labels from a bottle of San Pellegrino (which may still be on my shelf); paper with the date of sealing; some thread; a balsa card painted gold; part of an orange zip tie; some of my hair; Vontromp the Lego guy.

As for why I did this, it’s a little complicated. I have done this sort of thing at least twice before, and when I made this box, I distinctly remember that I wanted to forget about it before I found it again. That only partially worked; I remembered the box’s exsistence, and three of the things inside (Vontromp, the gold card, and the date slip), but I forgot the exact date of sealing, all the other contents, and its eventual location.

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Interesting assortment of stuff!

Comment by Cecelia Nauda

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