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Regarding Toplessness
July 28, 2015, 19:54
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In the unwritten rules of our society, as well as a few written ones, there is an interesting discrepancy between the acceptability of toplessness in women and men. It seems to me that this discrepancy, that men are given considerably more licence to not cover their fronts than women are, arises from an implied notion that the sight of a woman’s breasts is somehow indecent or immoral.

This makes no sense. The only way it can, to my mind, be rationalized is thus: That men, at the sight of a woman’s breasts without covering, will be aroused, so aroused, (it is implied) that they could not control themselves or their impulses.

As a male member of our society, I take offence at this, not only because it is an unfair prejudice reeking of patriarchal Victorianism, but because men seem to be implying that they themselves are not responsible for their actions when confronted with an attractive being.

I can hardly imagine something more demeaning and powerless disguised in such moralistic language.

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