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Word of the Month: Cacophony
July 2, 2015, 08:20
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Etymology: English 1650s, from Greek κακόφωνος kakophonos harsh-sounding, compound of κακό bad and φωνή sound.

Definition: A mess of sound; dissonance.

A cacophony, such as that created two or more musicians try to compete for attention in the same space, can be loud and terrifying. On the other hand, some intentional music could be described, at least by critics, as cacophonous, such as improv jazz or punk rock.

However, such exceptions aside, a cacophony is usually a bad thing. Take a large crowd having an argument, for example. If everyone has his or her own thing to say, or at least is going along with someone else, you have a recipe for getting nothing done- except, or course, hurt eardrums.

Please let me know if there are any words you would like featured by posting a comment on this post.


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My fav word!
How about syncronicty next time

Comment by Eilmcbr

Eli, my suggestions to you are equanimity or circumlocution. 🙂 These words is one of my favorites!

Comment by Lisa R.D

At this rate, I will never run out of words… stay tuned for yours, though!

Comment by Hephaestus

I like the circulocution word!

Comment by Eilmcbr

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