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April 2, 2015, 18:06
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Epics are full of tangents. Examples of this abound in literature, from the Odyssey taking time out for extended simile practise, to the Roman sequences in The Count of Monte Cristo, to the ballad of Luthien Tinuviel in The Lord of the Rings (such a tangent it made my mom quit reading), to the online extravaganza known as Homestuck, where, in some cases, the “actual story” is a tangent from a tangent. A mark of a well-told epic is one where even the tangents are interesting, which in my case would be Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy, where there are large sections devoted not only to the science of terraforming Mars, but to economics, psychology, and sexuality.

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If this post is a little lacking, that’s because I had a nice long post nearly finished, and I lost almost all of it. You may see it next week, if all goes well.

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