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My Favorite Isaac Asimov Stories
January 5, 2015, 19:25
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Last Saturday (the 2nd) would have been Isaac Asimov’s 95th birthday*. In honor of this, I present:

My Five Favorite Asimovs



This novel introduced the Galactic Empire** trope. The Foundation trilogy, including Foundation and Empire and Second Foundation, was expanded with four more Asimov novels and three by other authors.


This story, included in the famous anthology/novel*** I, Robot, was the first appearance of Asimov’s famous Three Laws of Robotics.

The Red Queen’s Race(1949)

This one has a very interesting, if not entirely original, stance on time travel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


An interesting story about creativity and originality.

Take a Match(1972)

A story set on a spaceship in an all-fusion time.


*Asimov’s actual date of birth is uncertain, but he celebrated it on January 2nd, so I think we may as well go with that.

** I do not capitalize “Galactic Empire” as one unit, but as two: “Galactic”, referring to the Galaxy, and “Empire”. Each word merits capitalization on its own.

*** I, Robot is a collection of previously published stories, with material added to connect them into one narrative of Susan Calvin’s career.


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