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December 9, 2014, 20:51
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The idea sometimes expressed as “talking back” or “back talk” or similar terms is more precisely worded as “a child (or occasionally other subservient person) contradicting or arguing with their parent (or other authority figure), often on a point of authority.” The term “talking back” is an interesting one, for two reasons.

First, it could be seen that much of talking is talking back, in the sense that it is talking back to someone who has said something to you. Therefore it may be shown that anyone who may still say that children should only speak when spoken to (rather old-fashioned, if you ask me), and at the same time punish them for talking back, would really get upset if someone pointed out that in that case they may as well make their kids take a vow of silence.

Also, literal interpretations aside(And what about sdwardkcab gniklat-Oops,talking backwards?), the notion of “Talking back” is rooted in an authoritarian flavor of parenting, where the child has to obey the parent’s every word, and if they object, then they are roundly punished. Personally, I do not like this, because I believe that everyone has a right to have their own say in how their life is run. A rule such as “no talking back” is in direct violation of this principle.

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Its all about being respectful and not mean spirited One has a right to live their life. Doesnt hurt to listen respectfully to good well intended wisdom of others.:)

Comment by eileen

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