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Adolescence and Victorian socialism
March 31, 2013, 22:06
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Adolescence is that peculiar time when you cannot decide whether to be liberal or conservative, and so are both liberal and conservative. – Eli U. Nauda (Not a quote from a famous person, but I wish it was. Since it isn’t, I unfortunately had to quote myself, and that’s rather arrogant, isn’t it? It only says adolescence because I am not that good at choosing deep words.)

Okay, now to expand on that a bit. It came to me while watching HRG&SP perform Utopia, Limited by W. S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan. My mind must have wandered, and I realised that I, like the Victorians, sometimes feel rather socially conservative and Victorian. And other times, I am a bit of a liberal socialist. I also stay up late at night writing. Now, to end it with another quote:

The Soviets misused Communism. They used it to rule a nation with a totalitarian regime, and unfortunately their successors in Asian Communist states (cf. North Korea) seem to do the same thing. – An unknown socialist-leaning liberal conservative

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hey eli. i always enjoy your viewpoints. xo eileen

Comment by eileen

I am politically liberal and socially conservative. I only realised that after I had already posted that, and so the first quote is irrelevant. However, the second one is still valid.

Comment by Hephaestus

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