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The Condo
March 4, 2010, 12:15
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The Condo is owned by my grandparents, Gramma and Grumpy.  It’s a very nice place to stay, especially in the winter because of its close proximity to Sugarbush,  Mad River Glen, and Stowe Mountain, to name just a few ski areas within driving distance. It’s actually a Sugarbush condo, and the only one in its group to have stairs leading up to the front door. The Condo isn’t all good, though, as this list of problems shows:

*The table (Has ANYBODY noticed?)

*The hole in the wall

*That hot tub that requires CONSTANT maintenance

*The door on the upstairs closet

*Those *#$@%&><?/ couches!!!!!!

*The fireplace screen


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“Those *#$@%&><?/ couches!!!!!!" Watch the language pal.

People who stay for free and complain…im just putting this out there but Id be happy to take your place up there…all those things you described…they're called character…that condo has phenomenal character.

Comment by Zach

Hey!!!!!! I did watch the language. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Comment by Hephaestus

Couches are for the weak, anyways. The floor was good enough for our ancestors, good enough for me.

Comment by Kvasir

Watch out for the slipcovers, they’re the real problem.

Comment by Hephaestus


Comment by Zach

I don’t get the point of that.

Comment by Hephaestus

I noticed!!!!

Comment by Winnie

For your information, the table is fixed – nice and sturdy – the hole in the wall is repaired, and we have new couches.

Comment by Grumpy

I noticed the table(agian).

Comment by Winnie

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