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What are UFOs?
February 1, 2010, 21:18
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UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are things in the sky that have no apparent explanation.  Sometimes they are clouds, & sometimes they are other things.  Some people believe that UFOs are visitors from space.  Some UFOs are hoaxes or jokes. Some are weather balloons or airplanes or other man-made objects.  Others are flocks of birds. Still others have no explanation whatsoever. My dad said “the probability that aliens have visited the earth in spacecraft is precisely zero.”   I think that it is possible that a highly advanced alien civilization could visit earth in advanced spacecraft and people might see them. What do you think about UFOs?


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Some people think I’m an alien who is visiting Earth and I arrived in a UFO.

Comment by Zach

Hey eli. I just love u and your very interesting perspecrives on things. Your dads comment tickled me as I could actually picture and hear him saying it. I tend to agree with you. Your blogs make my day. And if chris nauda reads this, congratsto u and ur fiance on your engagement. To charlie and al as well. So exciting. Bye for now Eli and keep those stories coming. Love, Eileen xo

Comment by Eileen

PS Eli..sorry for my typo on perspective and did u hear/read about that GIGANTIC squid they found off coast of california or someplace around there. it looked liked an Alien for sure…yuk.
xo Eileen

Comment by eileen

Eli, I think that if aliens came to earth they would be smart enough not to let the earthlings know they came. Maybe Zach really is an alien and he is hiding it from all of us! After all, he is definitely a trickster. Have aliens ever landed in Eli-World?

Comment by Kate

Eliworld is spelled without any hyphens, spaces or capital letters other than the E.

Comment by Hephaestus

The probability that Zach is an alien is non-zero: in fact, it’s negative.

As Paul Dirac has astutely pointed out,

Negative energies and probabilities should not be considered as nonsense. They are well-defined concepts mathematically, like a negative of money.

If you’re wondering what is the negative of money, I suggest you ask Zach, as he seems to be going through one of those oh-darn-my-car-up-and-died phases of life, which (in my personal experience) is likely to result in a negative-of-money situation.

Comment by Hades

Hades, you’re right. My uncle is DEFINETLY NOT a space alien.

Comment by Hephaestus

Well Eli I want to know if there are aliens in Eli World myself and Winnie World too? Hey, Hades your a funny guy/gal. Can’t remember who you are unless u are the new fashionista. Some fashionistas r aliens from what I have learned – so there. What u think, Eli. xo Eileen

Comment by eileen

I like to think of myself as god of the underworld.

Comment by Hades

Sometimes I think the people I work with are aliens cause they don’t have a clue about what they are doing…JK JK…However there could be aliens walking around that look just like me and you…well maybe not me…so the next time somebody says i saw someone that looks like u, beware that someone could be an alien….see u on the mothership….

Comment by Bob

Comment by Hades

I think there are aliens living in my house disguised as stuffed animals. I do not know how they got here.

Comment by Erika

Aliens thrive on compost…especially compost piles placed in shady spots near corners of houses. They also tend to be attracted to powder blue vinyl siding and streets that remind them of Arron Spelling Tv Dramas. The legends claim that they travel by train so it would not be unrealistic to spot a few close to a set of train tracks. Remnants from a UFO discovered in New Mexico suggest they eat red sox and ride young female horses called Phillies.

Comment by Zach

Ha Ha Ha

Comment by Hephaestus

I think that there might be an alien in my house disguised as a bird

Comment by Winnie

Hello Winnie!!!

Comment by Zach

Hi Eli! I don’t know what your dad is talking about. Some of my best friends are aliens.

Comment by Joellen

Check out this article about what aliens look like.

Comment by Hades

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