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Long Walk
January 25, 2010, 14:36
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We went on a walk on the Crane Beach trails yesterday.  It was snowy and very beautiful except for the steep hills where some of the snow had been worn off.   Crane Beach is part of the conservation group The Trustees of Reservations.  The Crane Beach trails wind through dunes, are full of hills & are  more than 5 mi. long.  Some of the hills are very steep.   In places, the dunes are so high that you feel very closed in.   The trails are mostly soft & sandy & in the winter are covered in snow.  In short, they are hard to walk on, especially the steep parts.    We saw some pitch pines, & that reminded us of trails in Florida.  We walked along the beach for some time & missed our trail, but luckily there was another one. It took us a really long time, and we had to hurry up.  The weather was cold but we got sweaty because we had to run.  The Crane Beach people closed the entrance gate on us but didn’t lock the padlock, so we could still get out.  It all was so long that it took three hours, & we finished after sunset.


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I enjoyed hearing about Crane Beach. I hope I get to see it some day, but I might enjoy it more in the summer!

Comment by Gramma

Crane beach sounds great. Whats you opinion on Obama’s first year in office?

Comment by Zach

The place looks completely different in the winter. The ski tracks we saw imbued my spirit with adventurous inclinations. Next time, let’s bring some water and snacks and allow for more time.

Comment by Hades

Sounds like an awesome hike….did you find any beach toys….I was on brigantine beach last weekend and found some great shells but no toys…

Comment by Bob

I really liked it! I thought it was interesting. COOL!

Comment by Chloe

I’m really interested in these Crane Beach People. Have you ever seen one?

Comment by Pam

it makes me want to make a blog!!!!!!!


Comment by Chloe

Chloe, that sounds great!!!!!! If you do, I’ll read it!!!!!!

Comment by Hephaestus

these people sound interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Chloe

As I read your description of Crane Beach, I could visualize your adventure. I would love to trek through the trails but I need to wait until it is warmer.

Comment by Denise

Nice piece. Well written.
Crane Beach looks like a nice place. Did you see any piping plovers? Or did they fly south for the winter?
Any special reason for choosing Hephaestus?

Comment by grumpy

Eli. Thank u for sharing your nice day. Maybe some warm day u will take me to this place. Love ya always!! Say hi to u r little sister from me.

Comment by Eileen

LOVE the blog hope to see ya at di next week!


Comment by sophie

Eli, Steph, Uncle Mike and I want to visit Crane Beach with you. What time of year can me we come and wear shorts?

Comment by Denise Leiden

Yes, what is the reason for choosing Hephaestus?

Comment by Zach

Hephaestus is the god of explosions (volcanoes and what not) and of fire. I think Hephaestus just likes those things.

Comment by Hades


Comment by Hephaestus

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